Why Do Our Skin Care Products Work So Quickly And Effectively?

Why Do Our Skin Care Products Work So Quickly And Effectively?

I am frequently asked the question why do Pretty Mommies products work so quickly and effectively especially with hormonal acne? What are the magic ingredients? I guess the best way to explain why the products work so well together is because of a few reasons that are fairly easy to understand but rarely discussed.

First of all, each ingredient used in all three of our products have a very specific skin care benefit. So naturally the blend of all the ingredients together offer multifunctional benefits. The three products address many potential skin issues at the same time and offer anti-inflammatory benefits, antioxidants, hydration, and aid in calming and soothing the skin. We also use ingredients that have antibacterial, antimicrobial and astringent properties and the list goes on. When you look at other products and the ingredients they use, specifically surfactants (which help spread the product on the skin, reduces surface tension) and emulsifiers (which create a base for the ingredients to blend together); most often there is no skin care benefit associated with those ingredients. In fact frequently there is an actual “problem” that relates to using those ingredients which cause adverse effects on the skin.

Many commonly used surfactants and emulsifiers can cause irritation, inflammation and clog pores. They may also enhance breakouts and even are classified as known toxins that are dangerous. Why would companies use ingredients that were bad for your skin and health? The answer is simple, cost and perception. For instance, some people love the extra lathering of cleansers and shampoos opposed to ones that don’t lather quite as much. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is excellent at offering a super rich, extreme lather and some people think that the product is actually working better, their face is getting cleaner and it is just not true. Let’s compare the differences between a natural and a synthetic surfactant.

Pretty Mommies Let’s Be Clear Facial Cleanser uses an all natural surfactant, Sodium Olivate which is the derived from the salt of olives. It is a great natural exfoliator and produces a rich creamy lather. It is loaded with vitamins, mineral and antioxidants but is not quite as sudsy as its chemical counterpart Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is used in many other cleansers but is classified as a known skin irritant and has restrictions in every health ministry, including the US. Sure Sodium Lauryl Sulfate makes products lather nicely but it does not have a skin care benefit, its only purpose is to make a product lather more, but with that comes irritation.

The emulsifier we use in our Truth Be Told Skin Brightener is Citrus Aurantium Sinensis (Orange) Fiber. This ingredient is all natural and is made from sweet orange pulp; it has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, fungicidal and toning properties. It is useful for dull, congested, oily skin and it may also improve circulation. Now let’s compare it to a very commonly used synthetic emulsifier such as a silicone based ingredient, Dimethicone. Dimeticones can actually clog pores and cause irritation. Even worse this ingredient can accumulate in the lymph nodes and liver and it is not even biodegradable!

One other thing to consider is many ingredients that are used in cosmetic products have a high acidity level and throw off the pH balance of the product. When the acidity level is too high, much higher than our skins natural pH, this can cause a reaction. Many times that reaction is in the form of a rash, breakout or some type of irritation. Our line is pH balanced to match the skins normal pH levels. This is important to note when dealing with already reactive and problematic skin.

There is no magical, secret ingredient that makes our products so effective. There are just clean, all natural, high quality, science backed ingredients that when combined together creates an outstanding skin care line that is not only safe but gives you a radiant, healthy, glowing complexion.

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