What is Slow Beauty?

What is Slow Beauty?

In a fast-paced world, is it possible to accomplish more satisfaction in less time?

‘Slow beauty’ is a term referenced in a book by the same name which was written by author and beauty expert Shel Pink. The newly released title is filled with “rituals and recipes to nourish the body and feed the soul”. In a world where being busy is rewarded with praise, does it make sense to do less and feel more? That’s an answer only you can come up with because it is based on your values, dreams, and lifestyle.

If the current speed at which you are living is too much for you, perhaps slow beauty is something you’d like to learn more about. The basic principles of the book are outlined below for you to explore, engage in, and adopt as your own.

Beauty is an Inside Job.
External beauty is not enough. Trying to conform to society’s unrealistic beliefs of what is or isn’t beautiful is taxing to the mind, body, and soul. Instead, slow beauty forces you to redefine the term ‘beautiful’ as you know it. It’s about turning inward and discovering what makes you unique and inspires you to make a contribution to the world. When all is well inside, your outside reflects beauty, too.

Rituals Make Days Anything But Mundane.
There is power in doing the same tasks repeatedly. It conditions your mind and your body. You’re better prepared for what life throws at you when you’ve taken time out of your day to focus on what is sacred to you. As a mother, rituals help you destress and maintain your sanity when everything around you is chaotic.

Each Season Has something Beautiful to Offer You.
The book emphasizes the importance of the different seasons that occur throughout the year. There are ingredients and rituals that are best done in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Becoming in tune with the elements helps you make the most out of each year. It ensures that you’re getting the nutrition that you need, too, because most foods are seasonal.

Nature Heals.
Pink encourages women to spend time in nature and to use natural ingredients to prepare meals and beauty products. Slow Beauty explains things such as the first light which is when the sun first rises in the morning, and nature bathing which benefits the mind and the body because it takes us out of artificial lighting and places us in beautiful natural settings outdoors.

This is just a few of the concepts explored throughout the book. Slow beauty as a movement is much more complex. It’s something that requires trial and error to perfect in your life because it is an individualized practice unique to the practitioner.

Now that you know what slow beauty is, you can spend more quality time engaging in it. You’re not in as big of rush to get through your daily routine. In fact, you’re able to enjoy your time on the planet more because you’re engaging in activities that fill you up and enhance your inner and outer beauty.

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