What’s in your skin care?

What’s in your skin care?

Known human carcinogens, FDA warnings, thousands of studies to show links to neurotoxicity, organ toxicity and so on… these are just a few descriptions of very common ingredients used in our cosmetic and personal care products today. I know it is hard to believe that products sold in the US can contain such harmful ingredients, especially since many of these ingredients are banned in other countries. Unfortunately, what is allowed to be sold here, in the US, has clearly crossed the line of safety.

As if that wasn’t disappointing enough, many cosmetic manufacturers will often make a product with different formulations; one for sale here in the US and another with cleaner and safer ingredients for sale in other countries. Upon learning of this information, an obvious question might be – why wouldn’t they make just one formulation for all the countries? And the answer is… MONEY.

It is much less expensive to use synthetic and potentially dangerous ingredients than it is to use a safer, cleaner version of the same type. We can certainly do more to change this by openly discussing this issue and sharing our knowledge with friends and family. We can also continue to make purchases of safe, natural products and force a shift in what manufactures create and bring to market.

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