Things That You’re Doing That Are Aging You Quicker Than You Expected

Things That You’re Doing That Are Aging You Quicker Than You Expected

Maintain a youthful glow by avoiding bad habits.

There are many things that you’re doing that make you age quickly. Learning how to avoid these behaviors is the key to brighter, younger, and more supple-looking skin. When going through your daily routine, make sure to avoid the following list of bad habits. By conscientiously replacing your current routine with healthier practices, you’ll be able to avoid the things that cause your skin to age prematurely.

Kicking your bad habits to the curb is a great start. Remember, however, that it can take up to 30 days for new habits to stick. Here are a few of the ways you’re aging your skin faster.

Skipping the sunscreen.
Although the sun is glorious, it ages unprotected skin fast. That’s why you should always apply sunscreen following your 15 minutes of unprotected time in the sun. The short amount of time is enough to get vitamin D production in the body going. When your skin is dry, it allows the fine lines and wrinkles to deepen. Always wear sunscreen during the summer even if it means that you’ll have to apply it more than once.

Forgetting to wash off makeup.
Not being able to get the dirt and grime off your face before resting allows it to sink deep into your pores. It gets smashed into your pillow and back into your face. When you sweat, it causes your skin to break out. If you notice that your complexion isn’t what it is when you cleanse and moisturize your face, you’ll know exactly why this problem contributes to premature aging.

Failing to drink enough water.
Water helps keep skin plump and hydrated. Dehydration zaps the moisture in the skin causing it to look and feel dry. When the skin is hydrated from the inside out, it shows. It has a different texture. You’re able to use less moisturizer and still look young and healthy.

If you want to maintain a youthful glow, flush out toxins by sipping water regularly. If you prefer drinks with flavor, add pieces of cut fruit and vegetables along with herbs and spices to your H2O. You’ll have the added benefit of additional vitamins and minerals with every ounce of water you consume. You can also opt to eat a lot of water-based fruits and vegetables, especially during warmer weather months when they are in season to keep your body hydrated and your skin looking amazing.

Opting to go without moisturizer.
Moisturizer is a necessary part of most mommies’ beauty routine. It gets soaked up by the skin and moves across the surface of the epidermis with ease. It helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming. A good moisturizer helps repair skin cells, bringing the appearance of the skin back to life after spending time outdoors or under harsh fluorescent lights.

Premature aging is something you can combat now. By changing your habits, you’ll fight the signs that come with time. Your skin will continue to look young and wrinkle-free. You won’t worry about age spots, dryness or irritation, either, because you’re doing things to combat the many conditions that occur when a woman ages.

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