How to Safely and Effectively Do a Steam Treatment at Home

How to Safely and Effectively Do a Steam Treatment at Home

Open up your pores so your favorite cleanser has an easier time doing its job.

A steam treatment is a great way to give some extra TLC to your skin. Not only does it deliver nutrient-rich blood to your face, it also increases the amount of oxygen it receives. Because the skin is the biggest organ you have, it responds appropriately by being softer and more open to receiving the cleansing and moisturizing benefits of your favorite natural skincare products. Adding steam to the list of things you can do to your skin to have it looking its very best is easy once you know how to do the treatment at home.

Here are the steps to take to gently detox your skin.

Gather Your Supplies

You don’t need much in the way of supplies. The main things you’ll want to have on hand is a pot to boil water in, oven mitts, a heat-safe bowl, aromatherapy essential oils that are safe for inhalation (and pregnancy, if you’re carrying a child), and a towel. Gathering your supplies prior to starting the treatment is ideal as it becomes difficult to do so once the water is heated as it cools rapidly once it’s off the flame.

Bring the Water to a Boil

You’ll want to work with hot water which means that you’ll need to bring it to a slow boil to get the most benefit from it. The idea is to allow your face to come into contact with the steam emitted from the water. Once it has boiled, transfer it to a heat-safe bowl and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or sprigs of fresh herbs for scent.

Put Your Face Over the Bowl

Hover over the bowl with your face inches away from the water. You want to make sure that you can feel the steam on your skin. Once you’ve achieved the right distance between you and the water, drape a towel over your head to form a barrier so that you don’t lose the steam as it rises.

Complete the Process

When you no longer see steam coming from the water, the treatment is done. Take a few minutes to remove the towel from your head and splash tepid water on your face. Dump the water and put away all of your supplies.

Suggested Frequency of Steam Treatments

A steam treatment can be done once a week or once a month depending on the condition of your skin. If you want your cleanser and moisturizer to do their jobs better, consider how beneficial steam can be to your skin care regimen. You don’t need to invest in a fancy machine to use, either, because the method listed above is cost-effective and very easy to implement.

Pretty Mommies skin care products are perfect for use after a steam treatment. We use all-natural ingredients which are safe and effective in treating skin issues. As with any treatment available, it’s best to consult your physician before steaming your skin. That way, you can avoid possible problems that may occur because of your medical history or current condition.

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