How to Deal with Pregnancy Acne Without Losing Your Mind

How to Deal with Pregnancy Acne Without Losing Your Mind

Keep your mind and your skin clear by doing the following things.

One of the most common symptoms pregnant women face is acne. Nasty breakouts and inflammation is something that can be avoided with the right skincare products. Looking for formulas that are safe to use during pregnancy is important because even many natural products contain ingredients that are questionable for women who are carrying a child. They simply do more harm than good.

To remedy the problem, you must first eliminate the source of the issue. A fluctuation of hormones is likely the cause which isn’t something you can control without the assistance of your OBGYN. You can, however, come up with a plan to give your skin extra special attention and care throughout your pregnancy. That way, you can minimize breakouts and reduce the amount of inflammation that is visible in your face.

To combat pregnancy acne, do the following:
● Keep your hands off your face. Whatever you have touched throughout the day gets pushed deep into your pores. Even if you’re a stickler for washing your hands, there is dirt and oil that sits on the surface of your skin. If you’re not transferring bacteria from your hands to your face, you’re dealing with a problem that is already there because of the time you spend outdoors exposed to dirt and dust.
● Wash your face with a pregnancy safe cleanser. Purchase products that you know are safe for you and your baby. The Pretty Mommies brand is among the best options you have for skincare products. Our Let’s Be Clear facial wash improves the overall appearance of your skin by clearing it up and improving its texture and tone. You won’t see as many breakouts because you’ll be restoring the skin’s natural pH balance.
● Use sunscreen and limit the amount of time you spend outdoors. The hottest hour of the day is around 3 PM. Things start to heat up around noon and get progressively hotter with each passing hour. Staying out of the sun during these hours of the day is highly recommended. It’s also important for you to wear the best sunscreen for pregnancy which is our brand of product. It provides maximum protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.
● Drink plenty of water and eat water-filled foods. Doing so allows you to flush out impurities regularly. That way, they don’t manifest as skin problems. You’ll see less built up oil and sebum. You’ll also experience greater texture as dry skin loses its vitality. If you can’t get yourself to drink enough water each day, add vitamin-packed, water-filled fruits and vegetables to your diet. You’ll see satisfying results in very little time. In fact, you’ll feel good about your decision to get more H2O into the equation.

If you want clean, clear skin once again, there are things you can do. Acne is a side effect of the excess hormones your body produces while carrying a child. You’ll want to use pregnancy safe face wash and other products that remove impurities from your skin and give you the healthy pregnancy glow so many other pregnant women have.

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