How Pregnancy Changes the Appearance of Your Skin

How Pregnancy Changes the Appearance of Your Skin

Being aware of the things that occur while carrying a child helps you treat blemishes successfully.

You’re undergoing a lot of changes as a pregnant woman. Not only is your body changing daily, your skin is, too. Fluctuations in hormones can change the quality of your skin. You may be experiencing pregnancy acne as estrogen and progesterone levels become lower or higher.

Here are some of the ways that pregnancy changes the appearance of the skin:

  • A warm glow and clear complexion. Some women experience better skin conditions while pregnant. The reason behind this is said to be an increase in blood as well as hormones and oil. You may also notice that your skin appears this way after gaining some pregnancy weight. That’s because the plump skin is taut and appears smoother. You’ll want to make sure that you continue your normal skincare routine during this time to prevent hormonal changes from causing acne to appear.
  • Oil production increases, causing bumps and blemishes to appear. Using a good quality pregnancy safe face wash should help prevent the problem from occurring. Making sure to clean your face regularly no matter how tired you are can help minimize pesky blackheads and whiteheads. Your nightly bedtime routine should include cleaning and moisturizing your face before going to sleep. Excess oils are pushed into your pillowcase and back into your skin which is one of the reasons why you’ll want to change bedding regularly.
  • Sensitive skin. You may have never experienced sensitivities to products or jewelry before. Once you’re pregnant, however, things have changed. One option is to go fragrance-free or opt for products that have a light fragrance instead. It’s also important to wear nickel-free jewelry because it may be causing your skin to break out in an angry rash. It’s never fun to have to treat an itchy, bumpy rash on your chest or arms due to an allergic reaction.

You may notice that you have skin tags, varicose veins, and even thicker hair. Keep in mind that these changes occur during pregnancy and aren’t a cause for alarm. If you feel that they need to be looked at by a physician, schedule an appointment or take time to discuss the issue with your doctor the next time you are scheduled to see him or her.

Being pregnant could change the appearance of your skin subtly or dramatically. No matter what your case may be, you can restore its natural pH balance in many ways. The right products are designed to help you with the hormonal fluctuations that often occur in pregnant women. Rather than hide behind lots of makeup, why not treat the problem at its source?

Pretty Mommies products are designed to address skin issues that pregnant women and new moms face. Using natural ingredients that cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin, they’re something you’ll feel good using on a regular basis. If you want to give our products a try, check out our online store for everything you need for your skincare routine. We have the best natural products available to maintain your pregnancy glow and gloriously beautiful skin.

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