Hailie's Story

The #1 Hormonal Acne Treatment

Natural – Non-Toxic – Phenoxyethanol Free

Hormonal Acne isn’t exclusive to pregnant women. It can affect both men and women; from preteens to older adults. Most of the mainstream products used to treat acne contain chemicals and other harsh ingredients that can be dangerous.

Safety shouldn’t just be a consideration while pregnant. Everybody should be using natural, safe and effective skin care.

Pretty Mommies was created as a safe skin care line for pregnant and nursing women, but evolved into to a safe and natural acne treatment for everyone!

Read Hailie’s Story below. *Hailie is not pregnant nor has ever been pregnant; she was just suffering from hormonal acne.

“I initially heard about Pretty Mommies from the director, Ana, of CPMedSpa Laser & Skin (located in Jacksonville, NC). I went to my appointment for a facial. I was previously on Accutane for eight months, two years before my appointment. My acne never went away or improved, it just came back drastically. At the time of my appointment, Ana recommended Pretty Mommies products and promised that it would clear my acne.

I started using Pretty Mommies cleanser at the end of October 2020 and after I saw significant results within the first three weeks. I proceeded to order the moisturizer afterward. By the end of November, I was ordering the entire Skin Care line because I was so impressed.

The photos were taken about almost four weeks apart. Now I hardly even had a flare-up of acne. ”

– Hailie M

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