Five Fantastic Skin Care Habits to Adopt While You’re Pregnant

Five Fantastic Skin Care Habits to Adopt While You’re Pregnant

Create an easy-to-follow routine that you can do long after your baby arrives.

If your face resembles an acne-ridden teenager during your pregnancy, don’t worry. Abrupt changes in hormone levels cause skin issues. Breakouts and blemishes are to be expected but don’t need to be accepted. You can easily combat pregnancy acne and other skin problems by following the tips listed below.

Five fantastic skin care habits to adopt while you’re pregnant include:
1. Sip on clear, refreshing H2O throughout the day. Jazz up the water you drink by adding slices of cucumber or fresh strawberries along with sprigs of rosemary or mint. Drink herbal teas that are safe for pregnant women. You can also get nourishment and hydration from broth. Make a pot using the vegetables you have in your root cellar and fridge. Strain the liquid and freeze what you don’t plan to drink in the next couple of days.
2. Change your pillowcase often. Dirt and bacteria build up on linens. When you lay on a pillowcase for hours, you’re pushing all of the grime into your pores. Make it a point to wash your bedding regularly. That way, it is one less thing you’ll be worried about.
3. Refrain from scrubbing your skin hard. When you exfoliate your skin, you want to do it gently. You should not scrub your skin because it could cause it to break or become irritated and inflamed. Use small circular motions with a long-handled, natural bristle brush (on the body) and a small facial brush for the face. If any area of your skin feels sensitive, stop what you’re doing, and rinse the product off.
4. Be mindful of the types of products that you choose to put on your body, especially your face. Look for skin care cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and creams that are void of harsh chemicals. Make sure that they are all-natural and marked safe for pregnant women. That way, your skin isn’t absorbing something that can be harmful to you and your baby.
5. Make it a habit to note any changes in your skin so you’re able to ask your doctor for advice at the time of your next check-up. If you notice any odd discoloration, moles, skin tags or any other concern, don’t forget to mention it to your physician. That way, they can examine the area to make sure it doesn’t pose a threat to you. Keep a small notebook in your purse where you can jot down the things you want to talk about at your next doctor’s visit.

Getting into the habit of taking good care of your skin during pregnancy allows you to create a routine that you can continue to follow after you’ve given birth. Although your skin care needs may change drastically after your hormones go back to regular levels, you’ll still want to be in the habit of cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing regularly even when you have a baby to tend to. That way, you always look and feel your best which boosts your self-confidence and helps you master motherhood easier.

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