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  • How to Switch to a Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Routine

    How to Switch to a Pregnancy-Safe Skincare Routine Pregnancy brings with it a whole range of hormonal concerns, which can change many women’s skin. On top of that, pregnant women have to be careful of the ingredients they put in their bodies because the wrong ingredients can negatively affect the developing baby. Luckily, at Pretty …

  • Pretty Mommies Takes Part in New York City Wellness Campaign

      Pretty Mommies, the nation’s #1 Pregnancy Skin Care Line, participated in a wellness campaign that took place in New York City’s Time Square over the Labor Day weekend. “We were excited to showcase our company alongside other national brands to help promote healthy personal care products and services,” says Gina Gordy president of Pretty …

  • Summer Pregnancy Tips | Pretty Mommies

    15 Tips to Survive Your Summer Pregnancy

    15 Tips to Survive Your Summer Pregnancy Pregnancy, to begin with, is no simple feat. Your body is undergoing so many changes, your diet has transformed, your skin may be reacting to things differently than it used to, and you’re mentally preparing for the new addition to your family. Being pregnant in the summer brings …

  • The Importance of Vitamin D During Your Pregnancy

    What the sunshine vitamin does for you and your baby.   Vitamin D, like other vital substances, supplies your unborn baby’s body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs while it grows and develops. Making the minerals calcium and phosphorus easier to absorb, the ‘sunshine vitamin’ creates your child’s bones and teeth while you …

  • Things That Make Pregnancy Break Outs Worse

    Prevent these things from causing your skin to erupt while pregnant. Pregnancy acne is very common in many women. All those surging hormones change your body chemistry making you more prone to break outs. Some of the things you do while you’re pregnant also have a negative effect on your skin. By identifying these habits …

  • How to Minimize the Appearance of Stretch Marks While Pregnant

    What you can do now to reduce future scarring. If you’ve never been pregnant before and want to reduce the chance of getting stretch marks, there are things you can do to protect your skin. When you gain weight and your belly gets larger, stretch marks happen. You can reduce future scarring by taking a …

  • 5 Remarkably Easy Ways to Get Your Skin Ready for Spring

    Help yourself look and feel amazing throughout your pregnancy. Spring will be here in a matter of no time. That’s why it’s incredibly important to start thinking about how you’ll make the transition between one season to the next. Winter skin care is vastly different than spring skin care which is why you should take …

  • Nourishing Foods for Better Skin During Pregnancy

    Consuming the right things can help improve the texture, elasticity, and condition of your body’s largest organ. If you are what you eat, then certainly, your baby is, too. When pregnant, vital vitamins and nutrients are passed on to your little one through the foods and beverages you consume. By mindfully choosing the highest quality …

  • Five Things You Can Do Today to Pamper Your Skin

    Give yourself some extra TLC while pregnant. If you want to love the skin that you’re in, there are things you can do while pregnant to ensure that it is clean, healthy, and radiant. In fact, getting into the habit of caring for your skin helps you better understand the importance of passing on good …

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