All Natural Skin Care Products

All Natural Skin Care Products

Have you noticed lately the amount of brands that have an “All Natural” product line? The term all natural is not only popping up in the food industry, but also in cosmetics and personal care products. Does this new trend mean that companies are finally increasing their standards and using higher quality natural ingredients, opposed to potentially dangerous, chemically derived counterparts?

In some cases yes, but buyers beware! Not all companies and products are being transparent about their ingredients. It appears to be common these days to market by promoting ONLY natural ingredients and completely omitting any processed and synthetic ones. Consumers are lead to believe through marketing that a product is all natural, only to find out by doing a little more research and reading the label, that it is loaded with many unnatural ingredients.

Most of you would be shocked to find out that it is well within the cosmetic guidelines to use many potentially dangerous chemicals in a formulation, then mix them with a few natural ones and tout the products as being all natural! As preposterous as that may sound – it is true.

It is good to look for companies that fully disclose all of the ingredients used in their products, on their website and better yet, give you a description of each ingredients’ benefit – like Pretty Mommies does. Consumers are demanding better products from their cosmetic retailers; and because of this, companies will soon be prohibited from misleading the public with clever marketing campaigns and untrue claims.

Gina Zeiger
President/Founder Pretty Mommies Skin Care

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