Welcome to the Pretty Mommies Club Reward Programs.

How It Works:

For every dollar you spend you earn (1) reward point. For every 100 points you earn, you receive a
$5 credit toward future purchases. See chart below:

100 points $5
200 points $10
300 points $15
400 points $20
500 points $25
600 points $30

And so on…

There is absolutely no limit to how many points you can earn. The more you purchase the more points you earn and the bigger savings you receive!

You’re a PRETTY MOMMY and you’re now part of the CLUB.

*Please note that you must create an account when placing an order to begin receiving points; you cannot receive points by logging in as a guest.

**Pretty Mommies reserves the right to modify/change our rewards program at anytime.

Keep track of your rewards and redeem your points here!