Let’s Be Clear Facial Cleanser

Let’s be clear: Healthy skin begins with clean skin. So the first step in your Pretty Mommies regimen is to thoroughly cleanse and gently exfoliate with our all natural facial cleanser. It washes away impurities without drying out your skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Let’s Be Clear safely addresses common skin conditions specific to pregnant and nursing women – like hormonal acne breakouts – but it also contains many other healthy skin care benefits.

Let your real beauty clearly shine through. Let’s Be Clear will give you smooth, blemish-free skin that glows with an improved overall clarity, texture and tone.

Let’s Be Clear can be used on its own. But for the most effective results, use as the first step in the Pretty Mommies three-step system for safe, effective skin care for pregnant and nursing women.

let's be clear facial cleanser
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