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“In using the Pretty Mommies brand for over 3 weeks now, I am definitely seeing a positive change in my skin. Being 8 months pregnant, my skin was breakout free until the 6 month mark: cystic acne took over my jaw line leaving scarring as a result of hyperpigmentation. I was at a loss as I tried talking to my doctor about possible solutions. All that the doctor said was that there were limited options as peels/retinol/hydroquinine/ antibiotics were off limits because of possible harmful effects to my baby. I tried countless homemade natural products on my own but wasn’t seeing the results I would have liked to see. Then one day, after visiting a dermatologist office, the esthetician told me about the Pretty Mommies brand. Finally, a product that I could use without being afraid of how it might affect my baby! I was so relieved and felt good about putting it on my skin every night and every day.

The cleanser is very effective in taking off makeup and has a wonderful scent to it. As a result of using the Step 2 “Truth be Told” leave on, I feel that my skin has gone from dull to a bit brighter, which is most welcome! Also, the sunscreen is a wonderful base for my makeup as it helps it glide on better. I also use it at night on active acne and have seen them shrink in size the next morning! Within 3 weeks my skin is a lot smoother and the inflammation on my jaw line has gone down significantly.  I can’t wait to see what happens with my continued use of it. I plan to nurse my baby and will be relying on this product even then because it’s safe for me and my baby and effectively nourishing my skin. I feel more confident about how I look and also am worry-free now as I am putting natural and beneficial products that are safe for myself and baby – that’s what matters most to me.” *

Kathy P. – Orlando, FL

Photo Courtesy of Advanced Dermatology, Waterford Lakes – Orlando, FL.  Photos were taken 3 weeks apart.

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