Gina ZeigerGina Zeiger President/Founder of Pretty Mommies – Mother – Passionate About Helping Moms Make Well Informed Choices About Safe & Effective Skin Care During and After Pregnancy.

Due to my problematic, acne prone skin my passion for skin care developed at an early age. I was forever researching and trying new products and I was especially drawn to natural and more holistic remedies.

As I got older my skin improved, however when I became pregnant my breakouts worsened and I developed melasma, otherwise known as the “pregnancy mask” or hyperpigmentation. I was told by my physician that I must wait until after nursing to use anything that would be effective at treating the skin conditions I was experiencing. I decided to take it upon myself to see what my options were and soon realized my physician was correct. Most skin care lines that effectively addressed my skin issues were not recommended for use during pregnancy.

After having my son I began using physician based products and doing chemical peels and I saw improvement. I was so pleased with the results I was seeing that I wanted to share them with others. It lead me to open up a medical distribution company in which we sold medical grade chemical peels and prescription skin care products to dermatologist, plastic surgeons and medical spas around the country. Frequently we were asked, “Can this product be used while pregnant and nursing?” Our answer was always, “NO”.

So once again I began researching what maternity skin care lines were now available, a decade later. I found out not much had changed. Options were still limited. That is how Pretty Mommies came about. I then used my resources, connections and relationships within the industry to formulate and develop, together with a cosmetic chemist, a unique and substantially different skin care line that was all natural, safe and highly effective. Pretty Mommies natural products warrant the same type of results as their chemical counterparts and offer measurable improvements in your skin. You no longer have to wait until after nursing to use something that works.

My blog’s purpose is to keep you updated on helpful pregnancy tips, skin care news and information that will enable you to continue to make good choices for you and your baby. I want the blog to be as beneficial to you as possible, so I would love to hear from you and find out what topics you are interested in and what is important to you. Together we can use this blog as a vehicle to connect great ideas, great information and great MOMS.